Solve the Puzzle

Uses hidden objects and clues to solve the puzzles

Team work

Build on the stengths of each player to make it

Keep the goal in sight

Always keep the goal in mind - even during nail-biting moments when only three minutes remain - you have to escape

Write History

Whether it turns out to be an exciting action film, a successful detective story or a drama with a happy ending, it is determined by you

Time is Running

Time is running the game, as you have 60 minutes to escaoe

Collect Memories

"Remember when Katy almost soaked her pants when the cat "meowed"?

Corporate Customers


How well do you know your colleagues? Mystoria also functions as a team-building game for employees in all occupational areas. During this exciting game you will discover completely new sides of your team and the learning experience will benefit your professional life! 

Friends & Family


Is there nothing going on around town? Do seek a new adventure that breaks with the daily routines or is completely different from anything you experienced before? Book an exciting and action-packed game at Mystoria to enjoy the thrill with your friends or family!

Gift Certificates


Do you wish to surprise someone for a special occasion? Purchase a gift voucher and give an original and exciting experience that will certainly be remembered! The celebrated one and accompanying team will certainly be able to experience an unforgettable adventure!


Large tracks (4-6 players)

  • Revenge of the Don
  • Mad Prof
  • Illuminati

Small tracks (3-4 players)

  • Dark Space
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